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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> he would brighten up your day. >> he was beloved for his dedication to helping others. now mourners say fare well to the trooper. 90s in the forecast. looking ahead to father's day. getting an unexpected surprise. the arian nation is coming to demonstrate. this is 9news now. >> some call it racism and bigotry. the arian nation is gathering tomorrow. they want to give speeches. britany morehouse will tell us their version of free speech is not welcome by everyone. >> reporter: nature meets sculptures bringing peace to most neighbors. >> everything is peaceful around here and i would like to keep it that way. >> reporter: but a battle of words begins once they learn the group is coming to town. >> i don't want them around
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here. what do you want them around here? it stirs up trouble with everybody. >> me personally i don't feel it is right but just because they do it you don't have to listen. >> reporter: critics say the group is planning a rally for antiimmigration and antihomosexuality. >> reporter: the rally will be held here at this land behind me near the old center. they have to make the lands available. >> that first amend is right. we have a right to be there to celebrate just as much. >> reporter: she says she won't sit idle and watch it happen. she is staging another rally for the same place, same time. >> just encourage people to appreciate the fact that they do have a right and you have a right to be as vocal as you want too. >> stop the hate. >> reporter: for every word of hatred spoken on the other side she will respond with 10 more words of love. >> they call them illegal ailens. that's the new n word.
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it is such an awful way because the people i know are maybe undocumented but they are undocumented workers and they pay taxes and they work hard and they are just trying to make a living like everybody else. >> reporter: britany morehouse, 9 9 news now. >> we spoke with the organizers on the phone several times but they refused our request for an on-line camera. metropolitan police say three people have been shot. it happened less than an hour ago along the 800 block. one man is conscious and breathing and was taken to the hospital. we are working to get the status on the other two victims. new at 11:00 p.m. police have charged a metro bus driver with assaulting a passenger. officers say that driver got into an altercation with the passenger over bus fare. it happened during rush hour near george -- georgia avenue. metro placedded the driver on leave. a woman is facing murder
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charges tonight. morgan majors is accused of killing her husband. investigators say she called 911 last night and confessed. >> she did call and said i shot my husband. two children 18 months. two boys twins. they were at the residents at the time of the shooting but not inside the room where the shooting occurred. >> officers found her husband anthony o'brian majors in the master bedroom shot three times. the woman is charged with murder and possession of a firearm. her kids are in the custody of child protective services. also new tonight instant soup with an extra ingredient. customs officials have charged a pennsylvania man with trying to smuggle more than 4000 pounds of cocaine through dulles airport. we are learning of an especially brutal attack on a man involving boiling water.
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it all went down in indian head maryland facing assault charges are a woman, her teenage son, his girlfriend and another teenager. this group is accused of visiting relatives of making a pass with a girlfriend. they allegedly stripped off the man's pants and powered two pots of boiling water on his midsection. he was later admitted to the hospital with serious burns over much of his body. how long does it take your heart to die? that was the key question today in the trial of three roommates accused of covering up the murder of a promising young dc lawyer. a doctor testified about a condition called pulseless electrical activity. the heart stops beating. left untreated your ekg will flat line after a maximum of 12 minutes. medics say the man's electrical impulses were still firing at --
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at 11:59. a woman was shot after she pointed a gun at police from inside the front door of her house. a corporal and a second trooper responded to the 911 call from the woman's husband. korbin fired the fatal shot. a somber evening as friends and family gathered to remember a state trooper wesley brown. he was shot and killed working as a security guard in prince george's county. two men are understand arrest for that murder but it does not make that death any easier for the loved ones. >> reporter: the abrupt end to
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an admirable life. >> his smile. his laugh. i'm crying because we are not going to have that any more. >> reporter: trooper wesley brown founded a mentoring program to help young men stay on a positive course. he had dedicated his life to public service. all by the age of 24. >> westley was a good kind hearted person. loveable person that brings joy to anybody. just by him being around you he will brighten up your day. >> you can't consider himself a man. because only cowards would take a person's life. >> i was really heart broken. it is a tragedy of the worst kind. sometimes when you try to do things right you get snatched from life way, way too early. >> through their pain some friends and family spoke of forgiveness for the suspect. >> forgiveness goes a long way. >> westley they say would have wanted it that way.
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>> in capital heights, andrea mckaren wusa 9 news. >> the funeral services begin at 10:00 a.m. we need you to take a good look at these two people. prince william police are looking for butler and his daughter. butler was headed to his son's graduation in charles county maryland three days ago but they never made it. he has not been heard from since he left. if you see robert butler or this little girl please call police. a student is charged with two sex offenses against two female students. 18-year-old tre' murdock is charged with several counts of sexual assault. he was arrested thursday night and is in the detention center being held on $7500 bond. you know that controversial immigration law in arizona, a top official in prince william county wants virginia to adopt a similar measure.
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county chairman corey stewart says crime has dropped in prince william in the two years since the county tightened its immigration enforcement. he said what is good for the county is good for the state. but opponents say the county dropping crime is part of an overall trend. >> violent crime dropped 38% in the two years following the adoption of the policy. >> reduction in crime has happened almost every year for the last 10 years. >> and what we do in virginia. >> under chairman stewart's proposal being an illegal immigrant would be a state as well as a federal crime. police would have to check the legal status of people they stop for any minor traffic violation. and those day labor sites outlawed. a senior white house official tells cbs news the obama administration will formally challenge the immigration law. justice department lawyers are building a case and the arizona law goes into effect in july. sacremento, california has
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joined the growing list of cities now boycotting arizona. the city council voted this week in favor of that boycott. the resolution bans official city travel to arizona and boycotts doing business with certain companies based in that state. more allegations that b.p. may be short changing gulf coast residents. b.p. has paid less than 12% of claims submitted by people. data released today shows that only $71 million of an estimated 600 million in claims has been paid as of tuesday. in addition, the panel said that b.p. did not make any payments in the first two weeks following the explosion and the oil spill that followed. the committee also found that b.p. hasn't made a single payment for bodily injury or diminished home property value. b.p. has yet to comments on this report. >> it was the deadliest crash in metro history. killing six. nearly one year later are we any safer? denied. a new ruling on the so-called
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female viagra drug. putting its future in peril. the steven strausburg express rolls on. setting a major league record with president obama in attendance. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. high temperature 87 today. a perfect day and very nice evening. wakeup weather saturday morning. cup of coffee. maybe golf. maybe gardening. sunshine across the board. upper 60s, upper 70s. light southwesterly wind. we will come back an take you all the way through saturday and we will talk about dad's day as well. stay tuned. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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tuesday would be pt the one- year anniversary of the crash. >> do riders feel safer riding metro? gary neurenberg asked some of those questions earlier tonight. >> reporter: it ended nine lives and changed countless others. >> i tried not to get the train at all costs if i can help it. >> because of the accident? >> because of the accident. >> do you feel safe on metro? >> some days yes and some days no. >> i feel safe. >> reporter: metro says it has learned some lessons from the accident. >> our safety cap was not being as responsive as it should have been. >> reporter: so. >> one of the people managing the safety office isn't there any more. all of that is changing. >> have to make sure all of our
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employees all the way from the chairman of the board to the general manager through the person who operates a train or drives a bus think safety or safety first. >> i do sense a change and sense of urgency with the metro staff. >> i haven't had a problem. >> reporter: the ntsb has yet to issue a final report on cause, a final report on recommendations. >> when the ntsb makes recommendations will you implement them? >> without a doubt. whatever recommendations they make we will do as quickly as we can and as quickly as we can get the money to do it. >> reporter: the caveat may be the safety bottom line for an agency that is always struggling for money to do just about anything. gary neurenberg, 9news now. next week on the anniversary of that deadly collision metro is planning a memorial service to honor those
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who lost their lives. 9news now will bring you live coverage of the service both here on wusa 9 and starting 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning. just one week after video of a school fight is uploaded to youtube the prince george's county school board changes the rules. now, students will not be allowed to make videos or even take pictures on school property with their phone. the school system says the phones have become too much of a distraction. >> if they do see something that they believe is inappropriate to do one thing and that's to contact security, to contact school officials and let them know and let the school step in and take immediate and appropriate action. >> students can have phones but they have to be turned off and out of sight during the day. they can use their phones before and after school but they are prohibited from posting any pictures or videos online. however, the policy does permit students to use the cell phones
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in an emergency. students are expected to check in with the teacher or an advisor first however. now taking a look at news from across the nation we start in minnesota. look at the destruction left behind by a monster tornado. at last count we are talking about at least 230 homes damaged or destroyed. some reports have said the figure accounts for half of the city's houses. it is being called a war zone. dozens are nursing injuries. no one died. first person executed by a firing squad in 14 years in utah. 49-year-old ronny lee gardener was put to death early today. he chose the firing squad over the possibility of lethal injection. he died alone. no one by his side. in dallas a police officer is under arrest after firing her gun in a squad car. investigators say kelly beamer was off duty drinking with several other officers at a bar and obviously had too much to drink. another cop on duty held her to
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his car. police say beamer pulled out her gun and fired. female viagra won't be made available to women in the u.s. anytime soon. an fed panel decided today against recommending the drug. in two studies the fda found that the little pink pill did not increase sexual desire in women and the side effects were significant. >> this drug which was actually an unsuccessful antidepressant works in the pleasure center of the brain. >> the panel's decision is not binding on the entire fda agency but it does usually follow the recommendations of its panels. some discord on the local music scene. dc's 930 club is suing. the lawsuit claims the county has not provided state lawmakers with the necessary information about costs but the
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county says, yes we have. >> heads up for drivers in manassas. steer clear of an intersection. sky 9 video from earlier this evening sets the scene. that intersection has been closed all night because of a ruptured natural gas line. we have been told it could take a few more hours to clear the scene. a construction crew accidentally ruptured that line during the evening rush. >> rut road. >> probably cut the cable too. beautiful day today. 87. >> and tonight, walking along. beautiful. >> tomorrow will be okay. a little bit -- some might categorize tomorrow as hot. certainly will be by sunday. by father's day. here is your forecast first. the next three days. temperatures will be in the upper 80s to near 90. but nothing out of the ordinary. humidity will still be in check somewhat tomorrow. 93 for dad. storms possible late night. everybody is going to see a storm. those that develop could be hefty. and then monday summer official already begins at 7:28.
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we will keep it dry. temperatures still rather hot around 90 although a little bit less humid on monday. toover night. clear skies. comfortable. lows in the 60s. low 60s in the suburbs. upper 16 downtown upper 60s. 60s and 70s to start. winds southwest at 10. unhealthy air for sensitive groups so if you have breathing problems limit your time outdoor. >> mostly sunny and hot. highs in the upper 80s and winds still out of the southwest at 10. just a little bit of a breeze tomorrow. satellite picture radar combined we showed you some of the pictures last night. up in minnesota. about 60 miles north east of minneapolis. now we have tremendous thunderstorms pushing through chicago and midwest and headed for detroit. only one tornado with that batch back in iowa. but numerous reports of wind damage and hail with those
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particular storms. those are going to stay north of us tonight. maybe just a few blow off clouds tomorrow. high temps on saturday. 90. 87 in rockville. 88 in fairfax. zone forecast all six zones are on our website. near 80 in oakland. sunshine. 84 in cumberland. mid-90s by sunday. go east upper 80s downtown. next seven days. 89 tomorrow. 93 on sunday. a few storms. dry but still kind of hot on monday as the summer officially begins. then the humidity and heat come back. low 90s tuesday wednesday, thursday. some storms possible especially wednesday and thursday. friday not bad. hot but less humid upper 80s. >> lots of 90s though in that forecast. >> fair bit of 90s. >> thanks, topp. nats got out the howl
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wizard. >> it is a weapon and it was firing at full force tonight but it did not equate to a win. unfortunately. >> what does your ride to the ballpark look like. i bet it doesn't look like this. the president going across town to see steven strausburg. plus topper, your boy phil making a charge at the open. 9sports is coming up next.
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it is time for 9 sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >> well, the most powerful an commanding man in washington was at the nats game tonight. >> derek? >> no. he got the pitch in front of president obama. steven strausburg put on a show for the commander in chief tonight leaving him on the front page of the record books. how is this shot right here? president and motorcade heading over to see his beloved white sox. he gave up a run in the 1st but after that retired 15 batters in a row. he wound up striking out 10 without walking anybody.
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that gives him 32 total strikeouts and that sets the all-time major league record for most ks in the first three games of a career. four hits, one run allowed. it went to 11. ryan zimmerman great stab. throw it high. scores. nats fall 2-1 squander a gem from super steve. so how about playing in front of the commander in chief? >> awesome. obviously he is from chicago. he wanted to come watch the white sox too. been a great atmosphere here the first two outings too. pretty exciting. >> in boston tonight manny ramirez making his first return to the hub since being traded to l.a. booed as he came to the plate for the first time. and fittingly old manny being manny strikes out to win the game. the red sox beat the dodgers. >> what's happening there? >> yesterday -- it is friday. whatever. yesterday was as strange a day you will ever see in a golf major. tiger woods and phil mickelson
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both without a birdie the entire day. gorgeous. tiger chip from the apron on 11. jars that one for his first birdie of the week but still four over. look at the fans. 4 under on the front 9. then this one. five under. three off the lead now trailing. where the heck is that? there it is. >> his approach on 16. like i said it is friday. he almost eagles this. he is three under par. woods is seven back but not giving up. show me a sound byte. >> this is a tournament where you don't win it with one round but you can lose it with one round. and you just got to keep making progress and as i said it is a long process winning a u.s. open. >> remember jim joyce, the
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umpire whose mistake cost armando galarraga that game. now he has got company from the world cup game. americans down 2-0 but landon donovan. there is the official? i haven't the slightest idea what we are showing here. that's the end of the game. we are showing the end of the game. they went down 2-0 then scored two goals to tie it at two then there was a third goal that should have been allowed but was disallowed at the end of the game because of a bad call by the ref. let me tell you something. at the beginning of the sportscast, 9sports best sports in tonight. not tonight. >> a lot of people really were upset about that. >> about the forecast? >> no, no. >> even steven strausburg can't be perfect every night. >> but anita is right trying to change the subject. that was a crud call. >> it was. >> but still they have got two ties so if they win the third game on wednesday they could still advance to the knockout phase. >> thank you. >> i'll draw you pictures of this and we will explain it later. >> we will be right back,
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have a great weekend. happy father's day. >> happy father's day, dad. david lettermanman is next. @
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